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Maximize your genius. See your blind spots. Find your way forward.

Comprehensive Instruction and Coaching for Solo-Practitioners on the Seven Different Forms of Manifestation that are Needed to Grow Your Business

Building and growing a business takes several different types of creative energy, but most entrepreneurs default to their one genius way of manifesting their ideas. So you end up getting stuck or plateauing in your business and not knowing why. The Business Energetics School of Manifesting teaches business creators like you to see your blind spots and manifest in new ways, so that you can get past what’s blocking you and grow your business.

Why You’ll Love it

It’s Fun and Easy

The classes are organized into short, digestible lessons so you can do one small piece at a time and never feel overwhelmed.

It’s About Spiritual Growth

It’s business from a spiritual perspective, because manifestation starts with your energy.

No More Ambiguity

You’ll come away from each class with a new aspect of your business ignited and clear steps to move forward.

It’s a new understanding of Manifestation

Manifesting a business is different from manifesting a parking space, or a first-class upgrade, because those things already exist in the world and you’re just trying to draw them towards you.

When you start a business, you are creating something new, that didn’t exist before. This takes a more sophisticated form of manifestation that draws on seven different types of creative energy.

You’re already using some of these energies naturally. But there some energies you don’t yet know how to use. That you don’t see or might even be in resistance to. Learning to work with all seven manifesting energies and apply them to your business - This is the work you’ll do in Business Energetics.

Building Your Business is a Spiritual Journey

Building a business is one of the rare creative efforts that challenges you to embrace all 7 types of creative energy. It stretches you outside your comfort zone, past your blocks and your resistance.

The next step in your growth, both spiritually and in your business, is to embody more aspects of creative source energy. The process is to learn, understand, implement and get results. Your business becomes a spiritual practice where you’re growing in understanding and appreciation of yourself and others as creators, moving towards wholeness, oneness. It’s what business looks like in a spiritual age.

Summary of the program

In this self-paced, video-based program, you’ll learn all 7 different manifestation types, including your own specific manifestation process to help you get crystal clear on your own genius zone.

What’s Included:

The 101 Module

In this foundational course there are 8 video modules, supported by a downloadable workbook.

You’ll learn:

  • The three levels of manifestation: Perception, Vibration and Creation
  • Your Soul Type: clearly understand your own creative energy.
  • Evaluate your business: a simple quiz to determine which soul type energies you’re missing.
  • Learn the process: See how you’ll learn the different manifesting energies you need.
  • Two systems of energy: How Business Energetics helps you to create the critical balance between masculine and feminine energy in your business.

Module 2 – 8: The Seven Energies

Each of the seven forms of manifesting energy has its own separate module with easy-to-follow video lessons and a printable workbook to guide you through it.

In each of these modules you’ll learn what that specific energy does and how to work with it, and then you’ll put it to use with skill practice exercises designed to help you create components you need for your business, right then, while you’re in the course.

When you complete the course, you’ll walk away with your strategy, clear direction, and many game-changing components of your business done and dialed.

Need a private session? No problem!

There may be ways in which you will experience inner resistance to some of these new creative methods. To help you work through this, one-on-one private healing/coaching sessions with Anne are available for an additional fee and can be conveniently done remotely via phone. These 1-hour sessions are for individual business coaching and healing that includes a guided meditative practice using a process called object imagery, which bypasses the cognitive mind and accesses the subconscious using visualization to target and lift the emotional blocks in the specific areas that are affecting your business and creative ability.

Who Should Join

Ambitious Beginners

You’ve been dreaming and wanting to start a project, business or practice of your own but feel stuck, overwhelmed, or indecisive.

Creators and Doers

You’ve created something fantastic but can’t seem to get it out into the world successfully to produce income for you.

Developing Entrepreneurs

You’ve already started a practice or business, and you want to take it to the next level.

About Anne

I spent years working at the top of the corporate world, coaching executives and advising them on how to reach their goals in the workplace. I was successful, but found myself asking “is this all there is?” After a truly global search with some wonderful teachers and mentors, I’ve embraced my purpose as a spiritual healer, author and the founder of Wisdom Soup, helping to redefine business for a spiritual age.

What others are saying

It’s amazing all the expansion everyone is experiencing in our Business Energetics Course! It’s truly wild!

Bettina Jones

As an entrepreneur owner of an energy healing business, this program was exactly what I needed to develop and grow my business to the next level. I highly recommend Business Energetics!”

Molly Grove

Today I booked two new clients, 3 Discovery Sessions, and sold more book copies in one day than ever before. I made over $1,000 in sales in a single day for the first time!

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